Sunday, November 30, 2014

Amazing Grace - Philosophy

The first time I encountered Philosophy was some time ago in Siam Paragon shopping mall. At that time, Philosophy just opened their counter in the department store and they were giving out perfume paper sample. I usually don't like taking those papers, but curious with the new brand, I took it. I never regret my decision to take the paper because the scent had become one of my favorite scents now. The scent called Amazing Grace. It is one of Philosophy’s Grace lines. 

Philosophy is known for their inspiring quotes on their products. They want to give their customers a beauty product which not only makes us look good, but also makes us feel good about ourselves. It inspires us to enjoy and celebrate our unique individuality and honor ourselves. I personally love all the quotes on their products and would love to try more of their products in the future. 

Back to the fragrance, I was instantly attracted to the scent because it’s so soft yet so fresh. The fragrance has the perfect amount of feminity and definitely boosts up your classic style. A scent that will not gives you a headache in case you spritz too much, because the smell is fresh and clean. For me, it feels like I roll around in a freshly clean sheet and I love to spray it all over my body. 

That is why I decided to purchase the Amazing Grace set that consist of 30ml Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance, 2oz Perfumed Body Butter, and a bottle of nail polish with matching color theme which is soft baby pink. It was a gift set to celebrate Mother's Day, which explains the mother and son/daughter pictures on the box packaging.

The spray fragrance is definitely my favorite. As for the body butter, I found the texture is a bit too thick to my liking. The texture is not buttery creamy but more like just buttery without the cream if you get what I mean. I did not really enjoy the application process because it did not glide and absorbed easily on my skin, though after a while, it did not leave sticky feeling on my body. The scent has more or less the same as the fragrance, so I usually layer it with the spray fragrance afterwards. 

It seemed the nail polish is not in the permanent line which explains why the quality of it is a bit disappointing. There is nothing special with the color and I think I can find a better quality nail polish with the similar color. 

I am on my second bottle of Amazing Grace right now and still lovin everything about the scent. I will buy it again and again until I don't know when. I wish it will never be discontinued *crossingfingers*. If you have a chance to encounter Philosophy, try to stop by and browse through their products. I also heard good review on their skincare products and might want to check them out if I have the chance.

Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeus!