Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PoshPlush and Orly miin Giveaway

Hello gorgeous!!

I am back with another giveaway! Woohooo!!

Orly miin has been very generous by providing two (2) vouchers for my blog/instagram giveaway. Each winner will get one (1) voucher worth 100.000 IDR that can be used for beauty treatment at Orly miin, Plaza Indonesia. 
The best part is, the voucher does not have expiry date, so you can take your time to think on what kind of beauty treatment that you want to enjoy. 

How to join my giveaway? Please read the rules here:
  1. Follow my IG : stefaniecarolina
  2. Follow my FB page : www.facebook.com/poshandplushblog 
  3. Like and Repost this picture on IG and tag 3 of your friends to join the giveaway
  4. Mention me (no need to tag me) when you repost it and don't forget to use the hashtag #PoshPlushXOrlymiin
  5. Comment on this picture which beauty treatment you wish to have at Orly miin.
  6. You only need to repost once. 
  7. Opens for Indonesian residents only
  8. The winner will be picked randomly
  9. Giveaway will be closed on Dec 5th at 23.59pm
The winner will be announced on Dec 6th on my IG account. Good luck and have a great day, gorgeous people! *smooch*



Beauty Treatment - Korean Eyelash Extensions at ORLY miin

Hello gorgeous!

As I promised, today I'm going to share my experience on having a Korean eyelash extensions. I had been wanting to have an eyelash extensions for quite sometime, but haven't get the chance to do it. Apparently it was not as scary as I thought and I will tell you all about it here.

Last week, I had a meetup with my fellow bloggers that I knew from Clozette Indonesia because we are all Star Clozetters. It was the first time that we met but it seemed that we have known each other for a long time. Our lunch was full of chatters and laughter.

At that day, we got an offer from Orly miin, a beauty lounge located at Plaza Indonesia, 4th floor, to get a beauty treatment as part of their grand opening promotion this month. So, off we went to check it out. I was so excited because this is actually my first time getting a beauty treatment in a beauty lounge together with my girlfriends :)

Orly miin is the newest premium beauty lounge opened in Plaza Indonesia. Its name miin in Korean language means beautiful woman. It's inline with their vision and mission to make the world more beautiful and to make all woman in Indonesia truly beautiful with healthy skin. Why Korean name? Because the founder of Orly miin is Mr. Kang Bong Ju, a native Korean who has 9 years of experience in the beauty world. You can see the services Orly miin offers on the picture below. The services cater your needs from head to toe. They even offer nail care service for children too! I'm imagining a mother-daughter date happens here :)


Me and my girlfriends was given the choice which beauty treatment that we want to do. I chose the Korean Eyelash Extensions. I do not have the courage to try their the semi permanent makeup such as eyebrow, eyeliner, or lips embroidery. So kudos for Ellen, Jennifer, and Cathrine who did the semi permanent make up treatment *clapping hands*. Even doing an eyelash extensions gives me the jitters because I never done anything like this before. And some people said that usually your eyelashes can go bald if you do it too many times. What a horrific testimony, right?

So, what makes me finally agree to do it? Days before the treatment, I googled everything related to Korean eyelash extensions. The process, the equipment, and the pros and cons. Yes, I'm such a paranoid when it comes to beauty treatment hahaha. I just want to familiarize myself with everyhting that I'm going through so I would not be too shocked with the process or the result. My search showed that it's actually a very safe procedure and not painful at all. When I arrived at Orly miin, I'm more convinced to do it because they only use premium quality equipment and products with the latest technology from Korea to make sure that their customers get the best result and satisfied with the services. All of their staffs are well trained (by an expert directly from Korea) and they have high standards of hygiene and sanitation. So I believed that I'm in good hands :)

The lashes to be glued one by one to our real eyelashes
Mbak Shinta is my beautician. She said that the process usually takes 90-120 minutes, depends on the lashes and the look that we are going to achieve. She asked me what look that I wanted and how curl the eyelashes are. I choose the double but natural and curlier eyelashes.


The process more or less is like this:

  • First, she cleansed my eye area from the makeup that I applied. This is important because we want to make sure the eyelashes are clean so the glue will stick better.
  • After that, she put a patch at the under of my eyes to stick my lower lashes so that it will not interfere with the upper lash extensions. The patch is really good, it has a cooling effect and I felt my eyes get treat too while the process.
  • Then, she applied an eyelash primer to prep the eyelashes.
  • The magic started. She started to apply the lash extensions one by one to my real eyelashes. No wonder it took 90 minutes, because it needs to be done meticulously to get a wonderful result.
  • Lastly, she blow dry my eyelashes (with a cool setting) to make sure the extensions glued well to my lashes and the glue really dry.

VOILA!! Look at the result! I look like a doll! :D

I love the result even though at first I thought that the lashes were too curly. It's like my eyelashes got an electric shock hahaha I think its because I'm not used to it so it looked like Va Va Voom! I'm very happy with it and satisfied with how Mbak Shinta did her job. The whole process did not hurt and the lashes look beautiful.Once I saw pictures of a bad eyelash extensions. The beautician did not do it carefully, so the extensions glued to not one, but several lashes, so it made the eyelashes look clumped and unnatural. Or sometimes the beautician glued more than one extensions to one eyelash, makes it really heavy and break the real eyelash. 

After the treatment, I played around at Orly miin, exploring other products they carry at their beauty lounge. Checking out what my girlfriends doing and chatted with the staffs. I tried Kocostar 6 Way Hydrogel Eye Patch, a hydro-gel patches that contains 5 main active ingredients, Peony, Philinus, Ginseng, Baikal Skullcap, and Gold. The patches help to tone, condition, detoxify, brighten, and firm the areas that you put the patch on. It is called 6 ways, because you could put them on 3 pairs of different areas of your face. The eyelids, under eyes, and sides of mouth. The patches stick well and did not feel greasy at all. You barely feel it there actually. It has cooling effect, even after 20 minutes of usage the patches still feel cool. My eyes loving it!


Orly miin also carries other products from Kocostar such as sheet mask, hair treatment, and nail treatment. They also have 384 nail polish colors and 398 gel polishes from ORLY which allow you an unlimited creation of nail art. I think I know what next beauty treatment that I'm going to get at Orly miin *wink wink*

My blogger friends: Cathrine - Ellen - Me - Dee - Jesica - Maya - Zsa Zsa

What about my girlfriends? How are they doing? They also enjoy their respective beauty treatment and going to share with you on their blogs too. Here are the links:

Cathrine  : www.catharinazieren.com
Dee         : www.anjanidee.blogspot.co.id

Zsa Zsa   : www.oh-sojasmine.com
Jesica      : www.ejsbeauty.blogspot.co.id
Maya      : www.anitamayaa.blogspot.co.id

Ellen       : www.meminebeauty.blogspot.co.id
Jennifer  : www.jennifermarcellina.blogspot.co.id

They also enjoyed their beauty treatment and agreed that Orly miin is a great place with a great services and competitive price. If you ladies have any questions about eyelashes extensions, please leave your questions on the comment box below, or just contact me through my IG or email. I would gladly answer you questions. Orly miin still have special promotion for this month, contact them to know more about it.


Thank you so much Orly miin for inviting us. I wish you the best for your business. Thank you for making me a miin aka beautiful woman. See you again soon :)

Find out more about Orly miin here:
Facebook   : www.facebook.com/orlymiin
Instagram  : orlymiin

Phone         : +6221 29924319

PS: This is how my lashes look after a week. it doesn't that curly anymore but still look beautiful. I already lost 5-6 eyelashes since last week. But only the extensions, not my real lashes :)



Event - SK-II Festive Blogger Party 2015

Hello gorgeous!
It's almost December now and end of year is getting closer and closer. For me who celebrate Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The festivities, family gathering, and of course the gifts. Have you start preparing the gifts that you will buy? Or have you been listing who's been naughty or nice like Santa? hahaha
If not, then I have a perfect gifting option for you. Want to know more, come on, keep on reading then :)

SK-II has been campaigning #ChangeDestiny throughout the year which I admire a lot. A powerful empowerment campaign which conveys an inspiration for women all around the world to go beyond limitations to achieve the destiny that you want. I especially fascinated by this following video from SK-II. A story from Misa Kuranaga, a Japanese ballet dancer who became the principal ballerina for Boston Ballet despite her petite figure.

In line with their campaign, this festive season, SK-II presents Wings of Change bottles, three beautifully designed Facial Treatment Essence bottles. It's limited edition and they are amazingly gorgeous! Like really really gorgeous!
Watch the video of Wings of Change below and you will see how amazing this campaign is.

Last Saturday, I got invited by Female Daily Network to SK-II Indonesia Festive Blogger Party at Mal Kelapa Gading, where SK-II Indonesia introduced us to those lovely bottles.

Susan Bachtiar, the brand ambassador of SK-II Indonesia and Amalia Hayati, a beauty and skincare guru are there to share their festive season experience, especially about gifting. Susan told us that for her, a gift should be something personal and meaningful, that's why she never give food as a present for somebody because food doesn't feel that personal for her. As for Amalia, she believed that beauty products can be a lovely and thoughtful gift for our loved ones. She said that she would be very happy when her close friends give her beauty products.

Susan also adds that SK-II has the perfect gift set because SK-II always launches beautiful limited edition for holiday season that makes it not only a skincare, but also a collectible items. She said that she has her own collection of Facial Treatment Essence bottles in different designs from past holiday seasons. SK-II gift set is precious for your loved ones or even for yourself. Consider it as a wonderful treat after a whole year of working hard to achieve your dreams.

This festive season we celebrate three traits that is essential to have in order to change our destiny. Those traits are Boldness, Encouragement, and Perseverance. Inspired by two creatures, a butterfly and hummingbird, which represent the beauty of transformation and an ability to soar through beyond the possibilities, the bottles come in three different designs and colors.

Boldness, the red butterfly bottle represents passion and courage in taking control of your destiny. A bottle for someone who really knows what she wants and not afraid to pursue it.

Encouragement, the fuchsia butterfly bottle represents love, affection, and trust. A bottle for someone whose heart is full of love and support for the people around her. Making other people happy is one of her life goals.

Perseverance, the blue hummingbird bottle represents the spirit of persistence and dedication. A bottle for someone who has a strong willpower and never give up to achieve her dreams and goals.

Do you know that you can take the mini quiz to know which personality that fits you? Go to www.skii-wingsofchange.com to find it out! Mine is Boldness :)
But personally I'm falling head over heels with the blue hummingbird bottle because the color is so vibrant and lovely! Blue is my other favorite color other than pink, so I adore this bottle a lot. I wish that this bottle will magically appear under my christmas tree hahaha

The event continued with a short session from SK-II Beauty Advisor on how to apply SK-II skincare correctly to our faces. Before the BA demonstrate how to apply the products, she did a skin check first to the model using SK-II Magic Ring. This tool can help us to know our skin condition by checking five different spectrums of our skin which are Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control, and Radiance Enhancement.
Normally, your skin is in okay condition when each of the spectrum reach 50%. Below 50% is bad and above 50% is good to great. This way, we get to know which spectrum that we need to pay extra care to. For example, if you have 40% Radiance Enhancement and 35% Wrinkle Resilience, it means that you need to add products that can help your skin glows and an anti aging to fight the unwanted wrinkles. So, make sure that you are using the right products and give your skin what it needed.
The basic steps are:
  • Starts with a toner (Facial Treatment Clear Lotion or other type of SK-II toner) after you cleansed your face to freshen up your skin and lift the skin's dead cells. Apply it using a cotton pad and swipe it in upward motion on your face.
  • Continue with Facial Treatment Essence to hydrate and prepare your skin for the serum and moisturizer. You can apply it using a cotton pad by tapping it lightly to your face or pour some on your palm and pat it all over your face. 
  • The next step is serum. Apply the serum depends on what your need is. You can dot it to five points of your face or simply rub it between your palms then spread it out on your face in upward motions.
  • Seal it with moisturizer. This one is also depends on what your skin needs based on your skincheck result. The application is similar like serum application. 
  • On daytime, do not forget to use sunscreen on top of those layers to protect your skin from the damaging sun rays. 
When skincare is finished, we move on to Make Up Demo by Oscar Daniel, a prominent make up artist, who demonstrated three different make up looks based on the Wings of Change theme.
All the make up on the three models looked beautiful and flawless.

After the make up demo, we are free to explore the atrium and check out SK-II products. I'm particularly excited to try the Magic Ring test. I have been using SK-II skincare for four years and so far I'm still in love with it every single day because SK-II has been taking an excellent care of my skin. I have tried the Magic Ring some time ago because well, who's not curious wanting to know their skin age and skin condition, right? If I have the tool, I might've done it every day hahaha.. At that time, my skin age was 23 years old. Not bad, eh? 7 years younger than my real age.
But yesterday's result really surprised me because it said that my skin age is like a 16 years old. WOW!! Seriously?? 15 years younger than my actual age? *giving myself a pat in the back*

I supposed if you really take a good care of your skin, it will pay off and you will enjoy the result. So, ladies, please do invest on a good and suitable skincare because a great skin is a perfect canvas for everything that you put on it.
How to find a suitable skincare for you? I would say you need to get to know your skin first, then from there, build up your skincare routines one product at a time to really find out which product that gives you the optimum result. Don't give up if you haven't find the holy grail combo or products, just like Michael Buble said, "I just haven't met you yet" *big grin*
Make sure you get enough rest, no stress, and healthy food intake because those things also matter to support you in achieving your skin goals.

It was a lovely event and I was happy to be able to catch up with some of my blogger friends and also happy because I could put a face on other blogger friends that I met virtually. Please do check SK-II festive gift set on their counters. They have many options to choose and of course they have gift with purchase too. Have a wonderful week, gorgeous people!!



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Event - Clozetters Meet Up Travel In Style

Hello gorgeous! Who’s here is a travel junkie? Or maybe you already start planning for your holiday in December? 

Last month I got an invitation from Clozette Indonesia to attend a Clozetters Meet Up. Clozetters Meet Up is a meet up between Clozette Indonesia members. This time the theme is Travel In Style, which mainly talks about travelling and how to stay stylish when you are travelling. The event held at Koi Kemang on October 10th, 2015. 

I love travelling! Going to new places, seeing new things and experiencing something different from your daily life is always such an inspiration booster. I’m not the backpacker type traveler though, good hygiene and good sleep is very important for me. So I usually will spend more on accommodation to make sure that I’m well rested and can stay healthy during the trip. That is why I couldn’t travel as much as the backpackers because I need to save more money to cover my trip expense hahaha

So what's in the Meet Up?
Travel In Style featuring two speakers from the traveling world, Kadek Arini (Travel Blogger) and Amalla Vesta (Travel Consultant).

The event started with a presentation from Kadek Arini, the travel blogger about some of local destinations that can be our option to go to. Jogjakarta and Sumba are her choices and then she described her itinerary and expense calculation for those places. Sumba is so gorgeous!! So scenic and such a natural beauty.
She also shared some of her experience traveling to Osaka and Kyoto. But I was too focused on listening to her and forgot to take pictures of her presentation about it.

Next is Amalla Vesta took the stage. Amalla Vesta, who prefers to be called Vesta is currently Head of Digital Marketing in PT. Garuda Indonesia. But before that she already an avid traveler who is also an independent travel consultant and freelance writer. She presented two destinations, Tokyo and Flores (Komodo Island). Just as Kadek, she explained her itinerary and also expense calculation for those places. One place that intrigued me is Shirakawa-Go Village, a traditional Japanese village in Gifu prefecture that looks like it pops out from some storybook due to its lovely set of houses and the village layout. The village looks even more magical and beautiful when winter comes and covers it with snow.

Along with her presentation, she also shared her travelling tips, especially on how to pack right. I think everybody has love and hate relationship in packing your stuff for travelling, right? We are excited to travel but then really annoyed when we have to choose the things that we need to bring for the trip. How we wish we have Doraemon pocket so we can just bring them all hahaha 

Well, Vesta said the tip is to classify your things. Put your clothes, accessories, shoes, toiletries, and beauty products in different pouches or containers. For clothes, you can separate it again into several pouches based on the days of your travelling time (eg: Day 1 and 2 or daily) or type of the clothes (eg: underwear, sweater, etc). That way, your suitcase will stay tidy because you will only need to open one pouch at a time. Voila! How great is that? Honestly, I never think about that before and will definitely put the tips to practice the next time I travel. Her other tips is never forget to apply sunscreen before you go out of the door, because sun protection is very important. Don’t like the sticky sunscreen feels on your skin? Browse around a little bit because nowadays there are already many sunscreens that is not sticky yet still able to give maximum protection for your skin.

After that, the MC invited both Kadek and Vesta on the stage again to discuss more about tips and tricks to travel with style, like how to take good pictures when you travel or how to always look stylish in every picture you took day by day as if you’re bringing your whole closet with you. Mix and match is the key! Bring essential fashion accessories that are easily to mix and match such as scarfs, belts, cardigans, or even hats. Those accessories will give you different looks and it will give the effect that you’re wearing different outfits in your pictures. 

Another important tip for taking great picture when you travel is to wear a contrast color outfit with the background of your picture. For example, if you are going on a beach holiday, bring a lot of bright colors such as red, yellow, or orange to contrast the blue sky and sea. 

A short Q&A session followed by a short presentation from Hadalabo representative, Ms Arlien about the importance of taking care of your skin while you are travelling. Dry and parched skin, acne, and uneven skin tone are the usual problems happen to us after travelling. Because, when you travel, your skin usually is quite neglected because the busy schedule visiting many different places every day. Ms. Arlien shared some tips such as drinking enough water and applying sunscreen to avoid those problems. She also added that Hadalabo, which contains Hyaluronic Acid; an important substance in skin hydration is a great choice to bring along in your beauty pouch. Hadalabo skincare set will help your skin retain its moisture and keep it supple during your trip. Now, Hadalabo even has CC Cream with SPF 35+++ that is such a staple items to bring on your trip. Its light texture helps you to even your skin tone, makes it look great for a selfie. The greatest part is Hadalabo products comes in travel friendly size, so you don’t need to worry that your skincare will take the most of your suitcase or bag weight. You can even bring it to the plane because it’s only 20-30ml per product (airplane liquid limitation is 100ml). You will definitely able to get off the plane looking fresh and stylish to rock that airport fashion like those Kpop idols hahaha

Hada Labo Booth where you can get a skin check

After lunch, apparently Clozette team already prepared a mini game for us. It’s Fashion Scrapbook Look game! We got divided into four teams, each team assigned to make one mood board with a specific theme. The themes are Winter, City, Summer, and Road Trip. Clozette team provided us with sheets of fashion item pictures, scissors, double tape, and a mood board. My team got Road Trip looks. We got 10 minutes to work together and create as many looks as we could. My team managed to create five different looks on the mood board. The result was great and I’m really satisfied with it, totally going to go with those fashion choices if I were going to a road trip (bias much? Hahaha). 

Kadek, Vesta, and Ms Arlien acted as judges and they chose the Winter team as the challenge winner. Congratulations ladies!! Each of them brought home shopping vouchers as their gift. Clozette also choose two participants that post best picture of the event and get shopping voucher as gift too. We closed the event with a groufie together. Aren’t we look great? ;)

It was such a great event. I learned a lot of tips in travelling and as usual get to know new friends. I did a little shopping on Hadalabo booth too and also brought home some goodies from Clozette too. I am amazed how Clozette Indonesia always managed to make their members excited with different kind of events and meet ups. It really feels like one big community where you literally can share anything and connects with people that share the same interest with you. Thank you Clozette Indonesia, Kadek, and Vesta for everything. See you on next meet up!