Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review - Marc Jacobs The Sofia Le Marc Collection

Hello gorgeous!

How are you today? I hope you guys are doing well and in a healthy and good condition. The first quarter of 2016 is over and I honestly quite overwhelmed with the amount of things which had happened during this first quarter. Life has been quite hectic with family affairs and I’m so glad that it seems everything is calming down now. Because it means I can dedicate more time for this blog and also to keep on writing the review I’ve wanted to write since the beginning of the year, hurraahhh! 

So, today I’m going to review one of my Holiday Collection Haul from last December which is…. Marc Jacobs The Sofia Le Marc Collection! It’s quite late I know, but the shades in this collection is permanent, so I supposed the review will still help you who’s wanting to buy the full size lipstick.

Marc Jacobs The Sofia Le Marc Collection is a limited edition for 2015 holiday season. It consists of five petite sized Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crèmes. Those petite lipsticks are tucked inside a black patent leather pouch with Marc Jacobs embossed on the front side. It is a beautiful gift because you can get the luxurious and classic feel from the black leather pouch and velvet covered plastic that holds the lipsticks. This set is inspired from Sofia Coppola, the filmmaker, hence the name, The Sofia.

The shades of the lipstick are:
Infamous – Muted warm pink
Dashing – Red with cool undertone
So Sofia – Bright coral red
Boy Gorgeous – Magenta red
Blow – Deep burgundy

The texture of the lip crème is creamy with a semi matte finish. It is very pigmented, you only need one or two swipes to get a full coverage on the lips. All of them do not contain shimmer, 100% creamy lipstick. Make sure that you have smooth lips or apply lip balm if you have dry lips so that the dry patches won’t be accentuated much. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème enriched with peptides to plump the lips and also meranti and cocoa butter to hydrate the lips even more. Thanks to that, it did not make my lips dry or patchy. It lasted for a good 4 hours without eating and drinking. The bolder colors will stay longer on the lips even after you already drink or eating (unless you eat a very oily food).

Here are the swatches of the five Le Marc Lip Crème:

And these are the swatches on the whole face:

Out of the five, my favorite will be Infamous (love love love the muted pink that is perfect for any occasion) and Blow (simply because I never owned a lipstick with this shade and it just sooo edgy for me hahaha)

This lipstick set is such a good deal because with the price I paid, I get to try different shades. The bonus leather pouch did not hurt either ;) As for the quality, I’m impressed with the long lasting and how pigmented these lipsticks are. I tried the Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel and love it as well. Below is the comparison between the full sized Marc Jacobs Lipstick and the petite sized one.

Have you tried Marc Jacobs lipstick before? Please leave a comment below if you have and what do you think about it.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Unboxing - Sociolla Beauty Box March

Hello gorgeous!

It’s that time of the month again where we are going to unbox the beauty box from Sociolla. The moment that I always looking forward to for every month hehehe 

It’s another pink box instead of the white one, so I assumed that the white box is reserved for first month only and will not hope to get another white box in the future. 

Next, let’s get to the content of the box. When I opened the box, I found another cardboard contains the list of the products inside the beauty box along with the description, ingredients, and how to apply. This time it has Beauty Adventure writings on it. 

The first product I saw after the cardboard is My Beauty Diary Mask Sheet in Hyaluronic Acid. This is a new product that Sociolla just started to sell last month. A lot of people love this mask because it’s easy to use and the price is also not too expensive. I personally have tried them before and I also love it! The next one is a sachet of Nuxe Le Prodigieux Le Parfum. I thought usually perfume samples will be in vial form, but not this perfume, so, I wonder how am I going to store the remaining perfume after I opened the sachet? 

Another sachet comes within the box, which is Babor Cleansing CP Gel & Tonic 2in1. I never tried this brand before and haven’t heard a lot of review about it. Did some googling and found out that Babor is a skincare brand made in Germany, founded by Dr Michael Babor (hence the name). It has been around for 50 years and has a mission to give an outstanding results and a uniquely luxurious, indulgent experience. Anybody has experience with Babor before? Leave me a comment below please!  

The last item in the box is Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer in Marracas. I’m so excited with this one! First, it’s because I never tried matte lipstick before and second, because I heard many good things about this product. Marracas is mauve rose colour that I believe will suit many skin colours aka a natural and safe shade for everybody. Cannot wait to try it!

This month, we got two full size products and two sample size products. If you haven’t subscribed Sociolla Beauty Box, you can check them out at for more information or read about my first Sociolla Beauty Box in January

You can also find Sociolla banner at the right side of my blog page, and click it to get there. Don’t forget to put my code : POSHPLUS50 at the checkout page after you shop to get 50.000 IDR discount (with min purchase 200.000 IDR).

That’s all folks! Will wait patiently for my April Sociolla Beauty Box.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Review - Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Hello gorgeous!
All of you must have heard that Make Up For Ever launched its highly anticipated Ultra HD Foundation recently. So much hype about this product and when it hit the store, I went and tried it. And let me tell you this, the hype is true. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation has been my go to foundation for a flawless complexion lately and I even dare to say that it has become one of my holy grail products. 

It was a long time ago when I first tried MUFE HD Foundation and for me the foundation has a good coverage but still felt a bit heavy on the face. Perhaps I did not get the right shade as well before so I did not use them as much. Make Up For Ever now reformulates the HD Foundation to accommodate the development of digital era where high definition is not enough anymore, a 4k digital technology which will capture a more detailed objects and picture clarity beyond measure. The new MUFE Ultra HD Foundation is something else and this time, I made sure that I chose the right shade. At first I was a bit confused with the new coding of shades because now the improved formula has 40 shades for you to choose (amazing, yes?). Googling around a bit and I will try to help you understand the new numbering system that MUFE has.

The shades are categorised by two undertones, yellow and red, hence the Y and R letter in front of the numbers. The foundation starts with number 2 means it’s on the light shade, and number 3 is medium shade.  The bigger the number, the darker the shade. So, the first thing that you have to do is to think about your skin undertone colour, whether its red (pink) or yellow undertone. Then you go from there to choose the numbers and think about whether you are in the light or medium shade or even tan or dark. 

As for me, my skin is yellow undertone, so I will not look at the R coded foundations. Then, I consider myself in the light shade, so I start looking at the foundation with number 2 in the front starting from the smallest number which is Y225. I did have a dilemma between Y225 and Y245 because both of them seemed to look the same on my skin hahaha.. But then I decided to choose Y225, thinking that I need a foundation that could light up my complexion. Hope my explanation helps a bit. You can also check the comparison with the old HD Foundation here if you use your previous shade as guidance.

Let’s talk about the packaging, it still comes in the same cylinder glass bottle (30ml) like the previous version. It has the same pump to dispense the product out too. I personally like the packaging, it looks sleek, compact, and the cap closes tightly. The texture is lighter than the HD Foundation and it glides pretty well on the skin. The coverage is medium to high depending on how many layers you want to build on your skin. I usually never layer it for my daily look, because I find one layer is enough to enhance my skin complexion. But if I apply it for special occasions such as going to a wedding or party look, I will layer it to really achieve that flawless skin. The finish is semi matte because I still can see the glow on my skin, but if your touch it, it doesn’t feel greasy or balmy, love love it! I usually apply it with my fingers instead of sponge because sponge application somehow always makes foundation (any foundations) looks cakey on me. I have not try to apply it with brush though because I don’t have any foundation brush hehehe.. 

The foundation alone already gives a wonderful result on my skin, but I found it works really well when I apply Benefit Porefessional Primer under it. I have big pores, so any help in hiding them is highly appreciated. I tried using Hourglass and Three primer too, while the result is also great, both primers combined with MUFE Ultra HD Foundation provide a more glowy finish on my skin. Staying power is also good, it last 8 hours without primer and 10-12 hours with primer on me. The only minus point is it doesn’t have any sun protection due to its function for a digital purposes. But then again, you cannot take foundation’s sun protection seriously. You need a real sunscreen under your makeup. 

All in all, MUFE Ultra HD Foundation is an amazing product. I love it so much and definitely will repurchase when it’s finished. With the wide range of shades, I believe the foundation can cater everybody’s skin well. It sits comfortably on my skin, feels like second skin in fact. Love the finish that did not feel sticky or balmy but not powdery on the other side. It’s just right.
Please pardon my excitement because I love this product so much hahaha.. Have you tried them? If yes, please share your thoughts on it on the comment box below.

Have a great week gorgeous people! Who’s excited that we’re going to have a mid week break this week? 



Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Event - Get Ready For Valentine's Day with HawaKu

Hello gorgeous!!
Tidak terasa ya sudah bulan Maret nih. Siapa yang masih pengen bulan Februari? Atau ada yang masih belum bisa move on dari hari Valentine nya? :) Hari ini aku mau sharing soal event di tanggal 13 Februari yang lalu, yaitu Get Ready For Valentine's Day with HawaKu.

Acara ini diselenggarakan oleh HawaKu bekerja sama dengan Sociolla ini diadakan di Sociolla Pop Up Store di Plaza Indonesia. Apa sih HawaKu ini? HawaKu adalah aplikasi mobile khusus wanita yang isinya seputar kewanitaan, mulai dari beauty tips, tutorial, fashion (hijab and non hijab), sampai ke mengenai asmara dan kesehatan. HawaKu hadir di Indonesia dengan tujuan menjadi sahabat baiknya para wanita Indonesia. Aplikasi HawaKu bisa kamu download di Google Play, free! Pengguna Iphone, sabar ya, HawaKu akan segera tersedia di Apple Store untuk didownload. HawaKu bisa membantu kamu juga untuk mengamati siklus bulanan kamu lho, terbantu sekali kan buat yang lagi mau mencoba hamil atau mau KB.

Sesuai judul acaranya, Get Ready For Valentine with Hawa, di sini undangan yang datang diajak untuk ngobrol-ngobrol yang tidak jauh-jauh dari soal cinta. Ada Alex, dari, yang memberikan tips-tips mengenai masalah percintaan. Kita juga bisa tanya-tanya sama Alex soal dilema percintaan kita lho.

Setelah pembahasan masalah cinta selesai, saatnya untuk makeover time! 

Untuk Valentine look, make up artist, Maria Pangestu, mengajarkan kita dua tampilan make up yang bisa dicoba untuk hari Valentine. Yang pertama adalah Glamour Look dan yang kedua adalah Girly Look. Yang di makeover dipilih dari yang hadir di acara tersebut dan aku terpilih untuk di makeover Girly Look. Karena aku sudah bermakeup dari rumah, jadi Maria hanya menambahkan eye shadow berwarna terang, menonjolkan tulang pipi dengan teknik contouring dan highlighting, dan memberikan warna lipstick warna coral di bibir aku. Walaupun cuma di touch up sedikit-sedikit tapi tetap hasilnya bikin tampilan berubah lho. Aku excited sekali melihat hasilnya karena aku belum pernah coba makeup dengan teknik contouring. Keren aja tulang pipi jadi lebih terdefinisi hehehe..

Untuk Glamour Look, Maria menekankan pada pemakaian eyeliner, mascara, dan juga warna lipstick yang lebih bold untuk menonjolkan tampilan makeup glamour tersebut.

Selanjutnya, kita semua mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan beauty treatment secara cuma-cuma di acara tersebut. Pilihannya ada nail art, hairstyling, dan make over. Aku kebagian nail art, tapi karena antri sekali, jadi aku foto-foto dan ngobrol sama teman-teman blogger yang lain sambil tidak lupa coba-coba tester beauty products yang ada di Sociolla Pop Up :)

Oh iya, di Sociolla Pop Up Store ini, ada cermin pintar interaktif yang bisa membantu kamu dalam membeli produk kecantikan dan juga bisa memberikan tips-tips kecantikan yang sesuai untuk kamu.

Lalu, acara yang paling dinanti-nanti sama semua Hawa user tiba, yaitu meet and greet dengan Mike Lewis. Gantengnya pake banget deh emang Mike Lewis ini hehehe.. Mike sharing mengenai arti Valentine buat dia dan juga mengenai kesukaan-kesukaannya dalam merayakan hari Valentine. Mike juga bercerita mengenai kencan impian Valentine nya yang langsung bikin cewek-cewek jadi meleleh. 

Acara hari itu ditutup dengan makan siang bersama. Seru banget bisa ngobrol-ngobrol lagi dengan tim Hawaku dan juga blogger-blogger lainnya. Pulang pun juga tidak dengan tangan kosong dan perut kenyang aja lho. Softex,, dan Sociolla sebagai sponsor dari acara ini, kasih kita goodie bag. Selain voucher belanja dari dan Sociolla, yang paling menarik perhatian aku adalah pembalut dari Softex. Kenapa? Soalnya pembalutnya berdesain gambar Hello Kitty! Lucu banget!

Softex meluncurkan Softex Light Airy 3in1 box yang isinya 15 pads, terdiri dari 6 pads ukuran 35cm, 5 pads ukuran 29cm, dan 4 pads ukuran 24cm. Softex Light Airy ini adalah pembalut super tipis (Cuma 2mm) dengan permukaan selembut sutra karena teknologi Silkytouch Surface Technology. 

Jadi, 3in1 box ini pas sekali untuk menemani hari-hari menstruasi kamu karena isinya sesuai dengan siklus menstruasi dari lagi banyak-banyaknya sampai selesai. Ada bonus 2 pad pantyliner pula. Jadi tidak perlu lagi deh beli pembalut dengan jenis yang berbeda-beda karena 3in1 box ini sudah merupakan solusi yang paling oke untuk hari-hari menstruasi kamu. 

Selain itu, Softex juga mengeluarkan varian baru yang cocok untuk digunakan saat menstruasi kamu sedang banyak-banyaknya, yaitu Softex Light Airy 35cm dan Softex Comfort Slim 36cm. Tidak usah khawatir bocor saat sedang aktif atau pun tidur karena selain nyaman, Softex Comfort Slim juga cepat menyerap cairan. Produk Softex ini bisa dengan mudah kamu beli di Indomaret, Alfamart, dan supermarket-supermarket lainnya. So, happify your world!

Terima kasih banyak untuk Hawaku yang sudah mengundang aku untuk datang ke acara Get Ready For Valentine’s Day with Hawaku. Semoga selalu sukses untuk acara-acara selanjutnya dan juga semakin banyak wanita Indonesia yang menjadi sahabat Hawa :)