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Beauty Treatment - Korean Eyelash Extensions at ORLY miin

Hello gorgeous!

As I promised, today I'm going to share my experience on having a Korean eyelash extensions. I had been wanting to have an eyelash extensions for quite sometime, but haven't get the chance to do it. Apparently it was not as scary as I thought and I will tell you all about it here.

Last week, I had a meetup with my fellow bloggers that I knew from Clozette Indonesia because we are all Star Clozetters. It was the first time that we met but it seemed that we have known each other for a long time. Our lunch was full of chatters and laughter.

At that day, we got an offer from Orly miin, a beauty lounge located at Plaza Indonesia, 4th floor, to get a beauty treatment as part of their grand opening promotion this month. So, off we went to check it out. I was so excited because this is actually my first time getting a beauty treatment in a beauty lounge together with my girlfriends :)

Orly miin is the newest premium beauty lounge opened in Plaza Indonesia. Its name miin in Korean language means beautiful woman. It's inline with their vision and mission to make the world more beautiful and to make all woman in Indonesia truly beautiful with healthy skin. Why Korean name? Because the founder of Orly miin is Mr. Kang Bong Ju, a native Korean who has 9 years of experience in the beauty world. You can see the services Orly miin offers on the picture below. The services cater your needs from head to toe. They even offer nail care service for children too! I'm imagining a mother-daughter date happens here :)


Me and my girlfriends was given the choice which beauty treatment that we want to do. I chose the Korean Eyelash Extensions. I do not have the courage to try their the semi permanent makeup such as eyebrow, eyeliner, or lips embroidery. So kudos for Ellen, Jennifer, and Cathrine who did the semi permanent make up treatment *clapping hands*. Even doing an eyelash extensions gives me the jitters because I never done anything like this before. And some people said that usually your eyelashes can go bald if you do it too many times. What a horrific testimony, right?

So, what makes me finally agree to do it? Days before the treatment, I googled everything related to Korean eyelash extensions. The process, the equipment, and the pros and cons. Yes, I'm such a paranoid when it comes to beauty treatment hahaha. I just want to familiarize myself with everyhting that I'm going through so I would not be too shocked with the process or the result. My search showed that it's actually a very safe procedure and not painful at all. When I arrived at Orly miin, I'm more convinced to do it because they only use premium quality equipment and products with the latest technology from Korea to make sure that their customers get the best result and satisfied with the services. All of their staffs are well trained (by an expert directly from Korea) and they have high standards of hygiene and sanitation. So I believed that I'm in good hands :)

The lashes to be glued one by one to our real eyelashes
Mbak Shinta is my beautician. She said that the process usually takes 90-120 minutes, depends on the lashes and the look that we are going to achieve. She asked me what look that I wanted and how curl the eyelashes are. I choose the double but natural and curlier eyelashes.


The process more or less is like this:

  • First, she cleansed my eye area from the makeup that I applied. This is important because we want to make sure the eyelashes are clean so the glue will stick better.
  • After that, she put a patch at the under of my eyes to stick my lower lashes so that it will not interfere with the upper lash extensions. The patch is really good, it has a cooling effect and I felt my eyes get treat too while the process.
  • Then, she applied an eyelash primer to prep the eyelashes.
  • The magic started. She started to apply the lash extensions one by one to my real eyelashes. No wonder it took 90 minutes, because it needs to be done meticulously to get a wonderful result.
  • Lastly, she blow dry my eyelashes (with a cool setting) to make sure the extensions glued well to my lashes and the glue really dry.

VOILA!! Look at the result! I look like a doll! :D

I love the result even though at first I thought that the lashes were too curly. It's like my eyelashes got an electric shock hahaha I think its because I'm not used to it so it looked like Va Va Voom! I'm very happy with it and satisfied with how Mbak Shinta did her job. The whole process did not hurt and the lashes look beautiful.Once I saw pictures of a bad eyelash extensions. The beautician did not do it carefully, so the extensions glued to not one, but several lashes, so it made the eyelashes look clumped and unnatural. Or sometimes the beautician glued more than one extensions to one eyelash, makes it really heavy and break the real eyelash. 

After the treatment, I played around at Orly miin, exploring other products they carry at their beauty lounge. Checking out what my girlfriends doing and chatted with the staffs. I tried Kocostar 6 Way Hydrogel Eye Patch, a hydro-gel patches that contains 5 main active ingredients, Peony, Philinus, Ginseng, Baikal Skullcap, and Gold. The patches help to tone, condition, detoxify, brighten, and firm the areas that you put the patch on. It is called 6 ways, because you could put them on 3 pairs of different areas of your face. The eyelids, under eyes, and sides of mouth. The patches stick well and did not feel greasy at all. You barely feel it there actually. It has cooling effect, even after 20 minutes of usage the patches still feel cool. My eyes loving it!


Orly miin also carries other products from Kocostar such as sheet mask, hair treatment, and nail treatment. They also have 384 nail polish colors and 398 gel polishes from ORLY which allow you an unlimited creation of nail art. I think I know what next beauty treatment that I'm going to get at Orly miin *wink wink*

My blogger friends: Cathrine - Ellen - Me - Dee - Jesica - Maya - Zsa Zsa

What about my girlfriends? How are they doing? They also enjoy their respective beauty treatment and going to share with you on their blogs too. Here are the links:

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Zsa Zsa   : www.oh-sojasmine.com
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Maya      : www.anitamayaa.blogspot.co.id

Ellen       : www.meminebeauty.blogspot.co.id
Jennifer  : www.jennifermarcellina.blogspot.co.id

They also enjoyed their beauty treatment and agreed that Orly miin is a great place with a great services and competitive price. If you ladies have any questions about eyelashes extensions, please leave your questions on the comment box below, or just contact me through my IG or email. I would gladly answer you questions. Orly miin still have special promotion for this month, contact them to know more about it.


Thank you so much Orly miin for inviting us. I wish you the best for your business. Thank you for making me a miin aka beautiful woman. See you again soon :)

Find out more about Orly miin here:
Facebook   : www.facebook.com/orlymiin
Instagram  : orlymiin

Phone         : +6221 29924319

PS: This is how my lashes look after a week. it doesn't that curly anymore but still look beautiful. I already lost 5-6 eyelashes since last week. But only the extensions, not my real lashes :)



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