Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tom Ford - Indian Rose

Who doesn’t know Tom Ford? The amazing and oh so handsome designer for Gucci and then YSL and finally launched his own fashion and beauty label, Tom Ford. The success in fashion brought him to venture into beauty industry and launched his cosmetics line in 2005. This collaboration with Estee Lauder becoming the epitome of a luxurious beauty product. With its sleek and luxurious packaging, Tom Ford easily captures the heart of many beauty enthusiasts. They also offered fragrance line that I drool over a lot but still keep it in my wish list because the price is preeetyyyy steep. I adore the scent of Cafe Rose and Rive D’Ambre.

In this review, I finally got my hands on Tom Ford lipstick. Something that I wanted to try because of the rave from many beauty bloggers. Those beautiful pictures and marvelous swatches really tempted me in wanting it even more. I was hesitating because it is very expensive for a lipstick (the price is 50 USD each). Not to mention that Tom Ford is not available in Indonesia, so if I wanted to get it, means I have to buy it from a personal buyer (Pre Order) and it will cost me ranging from 700k-780k IDR. So I thought I would just wait until someone I know would kindly enough to bring it from the USA. Remember my last post about my USA haul? That’s when I finally have the courage to click the buy button on my laptop and put the lipstick in my shopping cart. 

I was thrilled when I unboxed the lipstick. It is really gorgeous, the packaging is sturdy, and so elegant. It has Tom Ford logo embossed on the top of the cap. The lipstick itself also a beauty with another Tom Ford logo embossed on it. I chose Indian Rose because I was looking for a kind of nude lipstick that can goes with everything and that is what Indian Rose gives me. The shade envelopes my lips with a lovely color, demure but not boring. The color is pigmented; I only need maximum 2 swipes for a full coverage. It glides pretty easily and it has a satiny slight shimmery finish which I love. The color is dusty rose with a very slight mauve tint in it. It is my lips but better (MLBB) lipstick.

Did you know that the case color can look like this when a sunlight shines on it?
There is a minus point though.. The scent of the lipstick. I dislike the waxy plasticy scent from it. That is quite a turn off for me because the lipstick will stay on your lips all day and I don’t like to smell it all day. It is not too overwhelming, I know, but it just not my favorite part of the lipstick. I wonder if the other lipsticks also smell like that, their Lip Shine or even the lipsticks from the Lips and Boys collection. 

In the ingredients list, I saw soya seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, chamomilla flower oil, and shea butter. Soya seed extract and shea butter help to retain moisture and hydrate the lips. As for Brazillian murumuru butter, its benefits include helping to restore elasticity to damaged and aging skin and help to soothe dry and cracked skin. Chamomile is also known can soothe your skin. As the result, the lipstick is not drying and keep my lips hydrated for at least 3-4 hours or until it fades away. The staying power on me last around that hours too. Reapplying is easy and did not make your lips looked chapped or dry.

Below is the swatches of the lipstick and how it looked on my FOTD. Overall I am happy with this lipstick. I would think twice to buy more because of the price and its availability, even though I am so tempted to buy the Lips and Boys. Patrick, Matthew, and Alejandro keep on calling my name every time I come across them on the net hahaha.. 

Have you tried Tom Ford Lipstick? What do you think about it? And which is your favorite shade?


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SK II Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask

I am a fan of SK II’s mask especially their Facial Treatment Mask. The mask can rejuvenate my dull skin in 20 minutes. It works wonderfully, so naturally I was also very excited to try on this mask. SK II Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask is a whitening and brightening mask that will give a brighter and diminishes your spots and skin’s imperfections. Each mask is soaked in rich gel serum that drenches your skin with the same amount of serum as one full bottle of Whitening Power Spots Specialist. Wowza, huh? 

When I opened the sachet, the mask is really soaked well, you can even squeeze it and put the gel serum into a bottle if you want hahaha.. I have one frugal tip that I got from a friend if you felt that such a shame to throw away the rest of the serum in the sachet. The tip is to squeeze the mask a little bit while you take it out from the sachet and then, after you put the mask on, immediately seal the sachet and put it inside a ziplock bag. Throw it into the fridge (not freezer) and you can soak any sheet face mask (Muji sells one) or even cotton pads in the serum and enjoy face mask part 2. Make sure that you use the rest of the serum within one week. 

After I cleansed and toned my skin, I put the mask on and put on 20 minutes timer. The mask felt cool and very hydrating even though its a whitening mask. The scent is similar to the whitening line SK II has and it is not a strong one, so you don’t have to worry being overwhelmed with the scent for 20 minutes of your mask time. The size of the mask is a bit big for me because I have a small face, so I have to fold some parts of the mask to keep it out of my hair. It happens with every sheet face mask I tried and this one is no exception. It cover and sat properly on my face. It was easy to put on and had proper size of holes for the eyes and mouth area. I hate it when I have to pout my mouth to fit it into the mask or wipe the serum off from my eyes because the hole is to small.

I usually try to meditate whenever I do my mask time. I like the quiet time when I put on my mask and definitely a great me time for unwinding and decompress your mind. If you wanted it to be more special, putting on some relaxing music can be an option too or maybe light up some scented candles for a maximum relaxation effect. 

Pardon the spooky masked face

When the alarm beeped, it is time to take off the mask. I massage my face and neck with the rest of the serum left on my face until it’s fully absorbed by my skin. The result is amazing! My skin felt hydrated yet brightened up instantly. As you could see on the before and after pictures, the redness on my face reduced. My skin looked plumped and lovely. For me, this is another SK II product to love and to splurge on if I had spare budget.

I would recommend this mask for you who need instant brightening effect or when you feel your skin so dull and need a brightening boost. I would say it would be perfect too to use before a big event, to even out and enhance your complexion so your make up will look fabulous. What is your favorite brightening and whitening mask? Share with me :)