Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sariayu Masker Beras Merah

Hellooooo gorgeous!
How are you today? I hope you are having a good and productive day despite the currency issue that we experience lately. I cried inside because I have to resist the online shopping temptation (all those Pre Orders). But while waiting for the currency to get better, let’s dig in to the products of our local beauty brand. This is the part two of my Sariayu facial mask review. Today, I’m going to share my experience with Sariayu Masker Beras Merah or Red Rice Moisturizing Mask.

I was quite confused when I read the back of the package because it is said that it contains brown rice instead of red rice. Then, when I read the ingredients, it said it contains Oryza Glaberrima (I googled it and it said it is an African Rice). So now I’m actually still wondering what is the real ingredient from this mask is. But despite that, the rest of the ingredients looks legit for me especially honey that can help your skin in retaining moisture. 

Anyway, back to the mask itself. The color of the powder is pink. I mixed it again with the Sariayu Sari Air Mawar Putih. After it’s mixed, it smelled a little bit like playdoh, but it was not too overwhelming when it sits on your face. This time, the mixture looked smoother and it felt smoother too when I applied it to my face. You can see on the picture, the application is less splotchy due to its smoother texture. Compared to Beras Putih, this mask dries faster, so you need to apply it rather quickly before it starts to dry. Honestly I felt like The Titan with a pink mask on my face :D

No tingling sensation too with this mask, the mask enveloped my face well and my skin felt soooo cool. I supposed this is a great mask to use after a long hot and humid day. I felt that while the mask is drying, it’s getting really tight on my face, could it be from the tightening effect that it’s promised? I waited for a good 15 minutes (or until the mask is completely dry on your face) and then I cracked the mask on my face by opening and pouting my mouth. You don’t need to do this actually, it’s just something that I like to do because I like to see it crackled on my face hahaha
I wiped it clean using a warm towel. Make sure you clean every bit of it. I rinse my face with cold water afterwards (no soap) and continued it with my usual skincare regime. 

Result? The mask moisturized my skin just okay, less than I expected, but it did not make my skin dry. The skin looked plumped and radiates, which I did not get from Beras Putih mask. 

For some people, these masks are a bit unpractical because we have to mix it first and the application is going to be too messy, etc etc. So, I would suggest using these masks when you have time in your hand. This is a kind of mask to put on the weekends or night time after you finish all of your work but still got time to relax over a mask and a lovely scented candle kind of mask.

On the positive side, due to its powder form, you don’t need to be afraid the mask going to go bad if you keep it under the heat or when you carry it around under high heat. You can mix them with plain water too if you don’t have any rose water. 

One mask left to review now! Masker Ketan Hitam or Black Sticky Rice Mask. Stay tune on my blog to read the review of it. Thank you for reading, gorgeous! Have a fabulous day!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette

Who doesn’t know about Urban Decay especially their Naked line? 
I bet many of you swear on their Naked palette as your HG and never can go wrong makeup palette. I read so many reviews about those palettes and really wanted to get one for myself, but I still haven’t been able to make up my mind on which palette that I want to purchase until this day. Then, comes along this Naked On The Run palette.

I bought it for quite some time ago but haven’t got the time to do a full review for it. The palette is definitely a must have for every make up lover because it is so pretty and versatile. I love travelling palette that usually consists of eye shadows and blush on. I have Stila Chocolate palette that I like so much because it consists of 3 neutral eye shadows (light shimmery beige, copper gold, and deep dark chocolate) and a shimmery peachy pink blush. I always carry it every time I travel, especially when I just need to travel for 2-3 days and doesn’t need to carry too many make up products or when I just want a simple and fast good to go look. So when I saw Naked On The Run palette, I instantly fell in love. I. Must. Have. It. 

The palette is encased in a quite sturdy plastic case with rose gold color. The overlay on top of the case is an abstract look which I find really cool. My pictures do not do them justice, you have to see them in real life, and it’s amazing how the color seems to have that holographic effect. At the back of the case, they put the names of the shades and you can also see the pictures of what’s inside the case on the outer box packaging. Unfortunately, the NAKED writing on the case is easily scratched and loses its color. If you wanted to keep it neat, then try not to stack anything above the palette. 

The palette consists of: one travel size Perversion mascara, one full size Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss (Sesso), one travel size 24/7 Eye Pencil (Stag), a bronzer, a blush, five eye shadows, and one extra large all over shade shadow. 

Let’s start by looking at the eye shadows.

These are six never before seen shades from Urban Decay that is so versatile because you can use them to create a natural look or even glam it up with smoky eyes. I will try to explain the shades as best as I could here.
Dive : a light rosy gold shade with a sparkly finish. You might experience a little bit fall off when you apply the shade. Try to tap and press it to your lids rather than swipe your brush back and forth to prevent more fall off.
Fix : a dusty light brown with matte finish.
Resist : a medium taupe brown with sheen finish. My favorite color of them all.
Dare : a medium dark grayish brown with matte finish. My second favorite for my daily look.
Stun : a golden dark bronze with sparkly finish. I think it look amazing for night look but same case as Dive, you should be a little bit cautious when applying it to your lid because it fall off slightly.
5050 : a light beige with soft pearly finish. I mostly use this one for highlighting the parts of my face like nose bridge, cheekbones, and brow bones.

All the shadows texture is buttery, soft, and pigmented. None of them has chunky glitters or bad fall off when applied on the lid. They are easy to blend too! 

Next one is the Bronzer and blush. The bronzer is warm golden brown color with matte finish. I have to be very light-handed when I apply it because the color is pigmented. The bronze falls on the orange side on my skin, so if I’m not careful, I could end up with orange splotch on my face.

The blush is a medium bright pink with a shimmer finish. I have to be light-handed too when applying it because it is so pigmented. When you do, it will give you pretty pinkish cheeks.

On the swatch, I tried to show you the colors by blending them out. The outer left is how it looks if you combine both shades together equally. 

The Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss in Sesso is encased in a rose gold tube with NAKED imprinted on the tube. I adore the packaging, it is so pretty! Sesso is medium rose color with gleaming shimmer. In the tube the color looks opaque but when it is applied on the lips, it’s really sheer; a sheen of rose color. The lipgloss is not sticky and the texture is not too thick, but it gives beautiful shine on the lips. I usually use it on top of my lipstick with the similar or deeper color. But if you wanted to achieve the naked look, you can also wear it alone without lipstick. 

Stag, has been my go to liner for every day wear now. The pencil is soft and creamy; makes it easy to draw your lines. Stag is a deep dark brown color that fits for everyday use. I always prefer dark brown liners when it comes to daily look because somehow I felt black liners is too fierce hehehe..  It is waterproof and the smudge is minimal. It usually last on me 8-10 hours depends on where I go or the weather that day. 

The Perversion mascara.. hmmm.. I chose to talk about it last because this is my least favorite part of the palette. First, let me tell you what kind of lashes I have. I have medium long lashes but they are straight and pointing down. My eyelash curler is my savior and afterwards, I will top it with a coat of mascara to give them volume and help them to stay curled up. But, unfortunately not all mascara works on my lashes because the wrong mascara will make my super lashes droop down again. Well, Perversion is one of those mascaras. 10 seconds after I applied it on my lashes, they started to wilt down and did not stay curled. Did it disappoint me? Yes, it did, but I know that my lashes are just picky. Due to that, I never really excited on trying new mascara and always going back to my trustworthy mascaras again (will talk about it more on other post). Aside from my picky eyelashes, perversion mascara claimed to be lengthening and volumizing your lashes without ever make it britty or clumped. 

Here is the look that I made by using the palette (minus the mascara). I was using 3 shades of the eye shadow and only put one coat of the gloss without any lipstick on. 

First, I apply Dare on half of my lids and then topped it with Resist. Highlighted my brow bone and my under eye with 5050 and dab a little Dive on the inner corner of the eyes. I used Stag to line my eyes but not using Perversion in this look. As for cheeks, I lightly swiped it with the pink blush and then applied the bronzer to sculpt it a bit under the cheekbones. Unfortunately, the color does not really show here. 

If you wanted a bolder look, you can create smoky eyes by using Resist and Stun and add more liner to your eyes.

I personally think that the palette will be perfect if it comes with a travel size brushes. So, it is going to be all we need in one case. Despite that, I still like the palette and did not regret buying it at all. Tell me what do you think of it and do share your favorite on the run palette.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sariayu Masker Beras Putih

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!! It has been 70 years and I wish that our country will be able to keep on thriving for the best. I am hoping to see more and more development, not only in physically but also mentally. Let us all pray every day for the betterment of our country.

In the spirit of Independence Day, I will dedicate some of my blog posts in this month for reviewing and sharing my love for local Indonesian products.
Last month, I bought several face masks to try from Sariayu. I also bought a long time favorite product, Peeling Mundisari from Mustika Ratu, a face and body scrub that works wonders since I was a teenager. It has been a long time since I tried them and would love to share my experience with all of you.

The first product that I am going to review today is the Masker Beras Putih from Sariayu.
Sariayu is one of the prominent local beauty brands in Indonesia that was launched in 1977 by DR. Martha Tilaar, one of many inspiring women in Indonesia. Inspired by local wisdom and natural resources, they aim to make all women look completely beautiful in natural way.

Masker Beras Putih is a whitening face mask and contains lemon peel extract, known to its ability to brighten your complexion. I chose this one first to try as I am still in my effort to reduce the post acne spots on my face that suffered from a breakout a month ago.

The mask is in powder form and you have to mix it up with water or rose water and create a paste with it. I chose to mix it with rose water and bought myself a bottle of Sari Air Mawar Putih for this purpose. The rose water smells heavenly and so fresh. I put some of it in a little spray bottle and spritz it on my face if I needed a pick me up refreshment. 

Anyway, back to the mask. The powder is white with a little bit of yellow tinge.
The smell is a bit pungent but once you mix it with the rose water, it will not be that bad.
At first, I planned to only use half of the package because my face is small and I thought one package will be too much. But then I decided to pour the whole package to the plate and pamper my neck area too.

After the paste is formed, I applied the mask to my face. If you have a mask or foundation brush, you can apply it with that. I used my fingers to apply it because I don’t have either of them. As you can see, the application using fingers is a bit splotchy. I am pretty sure brush application will give more even and well distributed mask on your face hahaha..

My face felt cool when I applied the mask and I let it sit on my face for a good 15 mins. At the first 5-7 mins, I felt a stinging sensation on my face, I thought maybe because of the lemon peel extract. But afterwards, the feeling is gone and only leaves the cool sensation.

I cleaned my face with a warm damp face towel and did not use facial wash again afterwards. Make sure that you really clean your face because you don’t want the mask to clog your pore. I proceeded by applying my usual skincare routine.

Unlike my experience of SK II Whitening mask, the result was not that significant. Maybe because most of the ingredients are also natural, so it will take more time to show real results. I supposed regular usage will show better result. Even though it did not instantly make my face brighter but it did make my face looked fresher.

Have you tried one of those masks? The next one I’m going to review is the Red Rice Mask or Masker Beras Merah (of course I have to inline with the Red and White theme just like our flag hehehe). So, stay tune and thank you for reading, gorgeous!

To know more about Sariayu, you can check one of their social media:
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :       @sariayu_MT
Instagram :   @sariayu_MT


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July Favorites : Fresh Soy Face Cleanser & The Body Shop Peach Body Scrub

Summer oh summer! Who loves summer? I do! Starting July, summer is here! This is a review about my two favorite things in July which are Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and The Body Shop Peach Body Scrub. Happy reading, gorgeous!

Don’t you love the feeling of clean and supple skin after a whole day of full activity? Cleaning my face while I’m taking a shower after a long day always been a refreshing part. I usually double cleanse my face by massaging my face and neck (yes, don’t forget the neck area please) with a cleansing oil. I’m still loyal with my Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil for a good lather of my makeup. After rinsing it, then I would use my facial wash. If you read my previous blog post about my skincare routine, you guys must’ve known that I frequently changing my facial wash because I’m still looking for a facial wash that is gentle but can clean my face effectively, without leaving my skin too squeaky soap dish commercial clean. I heard a lot of good review about Fresh Soy Face Cleanser for quite some time and found some online shop sells them. So, when I’m running out of my Body Shop Aloe Cleanser, I decided to purchase one (the 50ml) and give it a try.

It said that it is suitable for all skin types and it is extra gentle yet effective enough to cleanse your makeup even mascara. You can see the highlights of the ingredients on the picture below. Those ingredients will deliver a radiant and healthy looking complexion. 

The texture is gel like, similar to Cetaphil cleanser, and it’s not a creamy type of cleanser. It doesn’t make bubbles or foam which means, its soap free. The cleanser is fragrance free too, so if you smell something, it comes from the natural ingredients. For me, the cleanser has cucumber and rose scent, with the cucumber scent to be more dominating than the rose. It smells so refreshing! Another treat when I’m cleansing my face hehehe

The aftermath result, my skin feels soooo smooth, supple, and not dry. It feels clean without your skin feels stripped. This soy cleanser is definitely gentle. I felt that during my usage of this cleanser, my skin texture is improved. They appear to be smoother and softer. Me likey!!

It is easily become one of my favorite cleansers, but unfortunately the price tag is a bit steep. I finish that medium tube in 7 weeks. Maybe because its gel texture, so it makes me tend to squirt more than I have to hahaha.. But seriously, if budget is not an issue, then this face cleanser is something you want to keep in your cleanser line up. I really really like this one; I squeezed it until the last drop hahaha 

The next product that I reached a lot in July is The Body Shop Peach Scrub.

In summer, a smooth luminous skin is what we want to achieve, especially when you are planning to have a holiday somewhere exotic, like going to an island or a beach. You gotta show that polished and luminous skin, girl!

One way to get it is by frequently scrubbing your skin, like once a week. Scrubbing your skin will cleanse your skin from its dead cells; helping it to regenerate better hence the new skin will grow healthier.  
I bought The Body Shop Peach Body Scrub when they had a sale some time ago, thought that Peach scent will uplift my summer mood. The texture is creamy and a bit thick, with peach seed as the scrub. It contains sweet almond oil and peach kernel oil which are great because it can retain moisture for your skin. I chose this because my skin type is normal to dry, so anything creamy should do some good for it.

I usually will rinse my body with water first before I lather the scrub all over my body, that way the scrub will not feel too harsh for my skin. Rub it in circular motion to scrub those dead cells, make sure you scrub your body really well. Finally, rinse your body with warm water (or cold, whichever fits you). Since I usually find my body still feels a bit oily after rinsing it with water, I wash myself with shower gel afterwards to really clean the scrub and my skin. If you have extremely dry skin, you might want to reverse the step by cleaning your body first then end it with scrubbing it. That way, your skin will keep the oil from the scrub and stay moist after you pat it dry.

I adore my skin after I scrubbed. It feels smooth, soft, and supple; makes you want to touch it all the time hahaha.. The peach scent will usually still linger even after I washed it with soap. What I love the most from this scrub is it doesn’t drying at all. Sometimes, when I scrub my body, the smooth soft skin will only last for one day, and then my skin will turn to be very dry afterwards. But this peach scrub does not make my skin dry at all. It stays moisturized for days, thanks to its creamy texture and the oil in the ingredients I supposed.

Last week, I went to The Body Shop counter again and saw Mango Seed Body Scrub is on sale. Buy one get one! I did not miss the chance and grab them. I wonder if this scrub will also do a great job in polishing my skin. I heard mango seed oil is also good to moisture your skin. So stay tune for another review on it.

What is your favorite body scrub? Any product that does your skin wonders? Please let me know via this blog or my IG account : @stefaniecarolina