Friday, July 3, 2015

Beauty Story Sweet and Chic Lipstick & Nail Polish

Welcome to review part II of Beauty Story products. This time, I am going to talk more about their lipsticks and nail polishes. 

The sweet and chic lipstick comes in 8 shades. For swatches of the colors, you can check them in my previous post here. At first, I only had Rose, but then I was looking for nude lipstick and came upon Samantha, which I adore so much, and let me tell you why..

The lipstick is a total catch. It is moisturizing, glides effortlessly on my lips, and has a good pigmentation. It is enriched with vitamin E and lip conditioning hydrators, so it will not make your lips dry. My lips are easily dry and sometimes chapped, but this lipstick can handle it well. When I wear it, it doesn’t worsen my lip condition. I always keep one in my beauty pouch. 

Rose is the coral pink color with a little tinge of orange in it that will brighten up your face instantly. This has become one of my go to lipstick when I don’t have a lot of time to do my makeup, because I know this sweetie will save me and not disappoint me.
Samantha on the other hand is the pinkish nude color that so versatile. You can apply it when you don’t feel like showing off your makeup too much or you can wear it when you want to flaunt your natural makeup. 

The staying power is not too bad, around 4 hours if you don’t eat. I like how when it fades, it still leaves soft pigmentation on my lips. It has vanilla scent when you apply it on the lips, but the scent doesn’t linger too long and I usually don’t notice it after 5 minutes. Vanilla scented lipstick seemed to be around a lot lately, don’t you think? Tom Ford has it, Marc Jacobs has it, and Beauty Story has it.
Unlike some designer brands, or any premium brands lipstick, the price of this lipstick is unbelievably affordable. I think I will indulge a little bit and collect them all hahaha..

Nails nails oh pretty nails.. We could not left the nails out, don’t we? Well, Beauty Story offers 12 shades of mini size nail polishes to choose to play with. They also had a base coat and top coat. I chose Minty and Crissa because I thought the colors fits to welcome the spring season (I told you this is a very late post). 

The size of the bottle is pretty small which explains why the price is also very affordable. This again, another reason to just go buy and bring them all home. The color is wonderful and it dries pretty quickly. For the lighter color, I think you need to apply two coats or else it will be a bit streaky. On the picture, I wore two coats of Minty and one coat of Crissa on top of it. 

The biggest plus point for the nail polish is it’s a 5 free nail polish, means it is formulated free from Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. So, it is very safe to use.

I really enjoy playing with Beauty Story products and definitely a brand that I will repurchase and would recommend to my friends and family. Have you tried them? If yes, please let me know what is your opinion about it. You can find them at Watsons or Dan Dan outlets. They also provide online shopping on their website, (free shipping for purchase above 100.000 IDR). Thank you for reading my review :)


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beauty Story - Luminous Primer and CC Cream

Hello gorgeous! I cannot believe that it has been 6 months in 2015. As for me, this mid year is the busiest time of the year so far. Lots of things need to be done and time seems not on my side (said the procrastinator ;p). How’s your New Year resolution so far? Crossing some of it already or still working on it? Well, no matter how many lists you have crossed; never forget to always enjoy the process, the present moment and spend quality time with your loved ones. Always be positive and be passionate in everything you do :)

This is actually a very late post and I’m realllllyyy sorry. I thought that I would make a separate post and categorize it based on face, lips, and nails. As a preview on what I’m gonna review, you can check below pictures. On this post, I will only review the face products which are Beauty Story Luminous Primer Smooth & Luminous and Beauty Story Magical CC Cream.

If you remembered a few post before, I wrote about Beauty Story, a local brand that launched few months ago. I had the chance to try some of their products and impressed with their quality, I adopted some for myself. The first one is The Beauty Story Luminous Primer Smooth & Luminous which from now, I’m just gonna call it BS Luminous. It is a base make up and works as primer, which means you use it under your foundation or your sunscreen routine. Primer helps to prep your skin, smoothen them out, so it’s ready for the next base makeup. Some primer also able to cover your pores, makes your skin look flawless. So, what is so special about BS Luminous? This primer is pearls based. It has gold, pink, and green pearl tint that could brighten your skin. 

Are you familiar with Guerlain Meteorites?  Well, this is the liquid version of it (a lot cheaper too!). BS Luminous will give you a luminous bright skin without making it Edward Cullen diamond sparkly. Its primer function also makes my skin looks smoother although not so much action in pore covering. But I think with its pearly based and the shimmer is wonderfully soft and fine, it will diffuse the light and makes the pore less visible. The oil control of BS Luminous is around 5 hours with loose powder to set your makeup base. I never not set my makeup base without loose powder, so I don’t know how long it takes until the oil will gain control on your face again. 

On the picture I tried to apply it on my hand so it will be clearly visible to you. I tried to capture it when I’m using it on my face, hopefully you can see the luminous skin that I am talking about.
You have to remember that the consistency is pretty thin, so a little comes a long way. Be careful not to squeeze too much products out. 

The next product is The Beauty Story Magical CC Cream. I bet a lot of you already know what the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream is, so I will go straight explaining about the product. I only had tried one CC Cream, which is Hera CC Cream. Hera’s CC cream texture is a bit similar to BB cream, it is pigmented and a bit thick. In the contrary, BS Magical Cream texture is moussey and light. 

Do not need to be surprised at first when you applied it to the face because the cream is white. The cream will adjust to your skin color and evens it out. On me, the cream brightened my complexion and made it look smooth too. It did not feel too sticky and easy to blend. Another wonderful part is that it contains SPF 30 PA ++. It just like the cream claimed, a multi tasking cream that not only brighten, evens out skin tone, moisturizing, and UVA UVB protection. 

This is a CC Cream; means the coverage is minimum, so you still need to add concealer if you want a flawless look. The oil control lasted for around 4 hours on me.
I love wearing this cream on the days when I don’t feel like wearing too much make up or when I just need to run errands. It gives me a simple but fresh look. 

I hope you find my review useful. Don’t forget that I will do another review on other products from Beauty Story. With a good quality product and wonderful packaging, Beauty Story is definitely a great contender coming in Indonesia’s beauty world. It is paraben free and no animal testing too! What have you tried so far? Please let me know.