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Halloween Look - Porcelain Doll (Pretty, Broken, and Hollow Eyed)

Hello everybody! It’s me again here.. back with my Halloween Look part II. 

This time, I try to recreate a porcelain doll from pretty one to hollow eyed doll. Porcelain doll sometimes gives me a creep with their big eyes and well their eyes basically. I was inspired by BJD dolls too. BJD stands for Ball Jointed Dolls. The dolls are very beautifully made with human like appearance. I was trying to achieve that kind of look, but of course the plan on my mind and my makeup ability is not synchronized. So, this is the best porcelain doll look that I can make so far. It’s my first time creating it too, so I don’t have any comparison actually hahaha..

Sooo gorgeous!! Pic from here
My hollow eyed look inspired by Lex from Madeyewlook. Check her youtube account, you can find other tutorials from creepy one to cute one such as emoji makeups. She’s awesome!  

Before all that makeup magic

I spent 3 hours for creating this look, a lot longer than the previous vampire makeup. Simply because at first, I don’t know what to do hahaha.. So after finished putting on my base makeup, I was like uhmmmm, what should I do next? I watched doll makeup tutorials but I was really nervous that I’m going to make a mistake and ruin my whole look, so I literally just stopped and stared at my reflections on the mirror. I tried to watch some makeup tutorials again to help me gain my confident back and started to work on the look.
Same as the previous post, I will not give a tutorial on the look because my makeup technique is down beyond par the others and still need a lot of improvement. But, I will give you some important notes that could help you create this look. I did photoshopped my face a little bit which is removing all my moles to achieve the porcelain skin. But the other parts are real makeup, no photoshopped or even beauty camera.

Sssshhh!! Don't tell anyone that I will come to play

  • Primer before makeup. Porcelain doll has porcelain skin which is smooth and poreless. A pore perfecting primer to cover your pores will be an excellent choice for this look.

  • Thin or natural eyebrows. A gentle stroke with your eyebrow pencil to define your eyebrows. A porcelain doll should look delicate not fierce.

  • White eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger.

  • Take out your fabulous lush falsies to play. This time, we go big. Upper lashes and lower lashes should have falsies to achieve that dolly eyes.

  • Go crazy with your circle lens too. The bigger the better.

  • Shading and highlighting is always on the game. Contour your nose, philtrum (upper lips area), and chin.

  • A rosy lips and cheeks to complement the look

Now, some points for making the creepier porcelain doll look.

  • Practice your crack drawing before hand to make sure your cracks look real. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, a cotton bud with makeup remover can always solve the problem. I use liquid eyeliner to create the cracks.

  • Cover your lips with foundation and use black eyeshadow to make a dark gradient lips. If its not dark enough, add black eyeliner on your inner lips.

  • To create sunken eyes, swipe black eyeshadow around the hollow of your eyes. Don’t forget to blend it well.

  • To create hollow eyed, use your black eyeliner all over your eyelid and lower eyes with the guidance of that hollow part of your eyes. Blend it with black eyeshadow to create an illusion that your eyes are hollow.

  • Took off your all your falsies when you take picture of the hollow eyed look because errr no eyes means no falsies, rite?

Products that I used:

Benefit The Porefessional Primer
Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation shade 764
PAC Creamy Foundation in White
Beauty Story Luminous Primer
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil Hard Formula in Seal Brown
Etude House Color My Brow shade No. 4 Natural Brown
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette shade Fix (to contour) and Dare (for the eyes)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Perversion (black color)
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner
Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in White Techno
Etude House Cookie Blusher in Marshmallow Pink
Colourpop Lippiestix in Fetch
Make Up Forever Artist Plexi Gloss No.201
No brand falsies that I bought in Bangkok
Kawaii Angel Circle Lens in Gray (bought from Kawai Gankyu)
Kimiko Wig in Coffee Brown (bought from Pinokobeauty)

That’s all I guess. I had so much fun creating this look and my sister helped take pictures of me. I supposed it’s not that scary when it’s daytime but I don’t think I will do it on night time hahahaha..

Creepy Dolls can have fun too ;)
Which Halloween makeup that you like more? The vampire look or this porcelain doll look?
Are you ready for Halloween now?? Cannot wait for next Halloween to create more fun and creepy look.



Halloween Makeup - Vampire Look

Helloooo again gorgeous!
As you all know, October is Halloween month anddd Halloween is an event where once in a year all the makeup artist go full throttle and all out in squeezing their each drop of creativity to look spooky, scary, or even magnificent. I love browsing through Instagram; using #halloweenmakeup #halloweenmakeupideas #halloweenmakeupinspiration #halloweenmakeuplook and looking at all those amazing makeup.  

This Halloween, I finally collect my courage to do a Halloween makeup look. I never dare to make one before because I thought that I will never be able to do those things (especially the ones with special effects and all). But then I really wanted to do something different on my blog other than just reviewing products, so I took the chance and just do it. 

The look I created is a vampire look. I chose this because it's the infamous Halloween look that has been done by many people in the world, so I could get as many references aka tutorials as I could. I love watching those tutorials because it amazes me how those makeup artists or makeup gurus able to transform their faces into something totally different by just using makeup. You should’ve seen my face reaction when I watched those Halloween tutorials. I was like woowww.. ooohhh… aahhhh.. being awed by their skills painting their faces :D 

One tutorial that particularly inspired me is from Michelle Phan's. It's an old video from 6 years ago where she did a tutorial about a seductive vampire look. Click here for the video link
I will not giving you a Halloween makeup tutorial in this post, but only going to describe what I did when I did my makeup, so it’s more into the basics that you need to remember if you wanted to make similar look. Ok, let’s start now.

  • Prep your skin with your usual skincare routine. Make sure that your skin is toned and moisturized before you put any makeup on.
  • Vampire skin is pale and smooth. Remember to use a primer (a pore perfecting primer) before you apply foundation to achieve that poreless and smooth vampire look. As for the pale shade, use a foundation that is 2-3 times lighter than your usual shade. I mixed my foundation with a white foundation cream to get a lighter shade. Apply the foundation onto your neck too to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask.
  • Don’t forget to shade and highlight your face. Vampires usually have defined cheekbones, jaws, and nose bridges.
  • No blush needed. Have you ever saw Edward Cullen cheeks flushed??
  • Black eyeliner is a must. Period.
  • No false lashes unless you are trying to be a vampire doll or vampire Barbie.
  • Fangs are optional. With or without you will still look pretty *smooch* 

Products that I used are the following:

Benefit The Porefessional Primer
Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation shade 764
PAC Creamy Foundation in White
Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III shade Rockstar and Last Call
Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette shade Fix (to contour) and Dare (for the eyes)
Stila Chocolate Palette (using the dark brown color for the eyes)
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil Hard Formula 9 in Seal Brown
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara
IOPE Colorfit Lipstick No.18 Classic Red (I mixed it with the black eyeliner to achieve a darker red on the lips)
Kawaii Angel Circle Lens in Gray

As this is my first attempt on doing a Halloween makeup, so please forgive me if there are a lot of flaws here and there. I should’ve worn a lighter shade of lens to really give a good contrast on the eyes makeup because that’s actually is all about for this look. But I supposed this lens will do too. I did not contour my face bolder and as a result, my face is not defined and chiseled enough. But nevertheless, I had a great time creating this look and having fun with it. 

This vampire look is pretty easy to make and I think is very versatile too. You can tone it down a notch and it can become your going-on-a-party smokey eye kind of look. 

I’m actually preparing another Halloween look for this year and hopefully I can post it on time here on my blog. The clue? It involved a wig and another circle lens. I hope you enjoy reading this post and get inspired to do Halloween makeup too. What is your Halloween makeup this year? Who is your favorite makeup artist or your favorite Halloween makeup look this year? If you did a Halloween makeup, please say Hi to me on my IG and I will check on yours.



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Event - YSL Kiss and Love Holiday Collection 2015

Hello gorgeous!! Two weeks ago, I was invited by YSL to their Holiday Collection launch and today I have some swatches for youuuu..

Would you like this hang in your house? ;)
It is from YSL Rouge Pur Couture Kiss and Love Limited Edition Lipstick. Actually they also launched a whole other collection but I would like to focus on the Kiss and Love Lipstick in this post. There are three limited edition lipsticks for this holiday season. Well actually, the lipstick itself is not limited edition, but the emboss on the lipstick is. Those three colors are permanent colors that you can find in YSL Rouge Pur Couture line and the names are Le Rouge (01), Le Fucshia (19), and Le Orange (13). Beautiful vibrant colors that is perfect for festive season. YSL actually released four limited edition lipsticks, but I supposed they only released three of them here in Asia. I am particularly intrigued with the no.70, Le Nu, because it said that it is a new color and it's nude! But oh well, better less than nothing, right?

Picture taken from

Picture taken from
The lipstick itself is a classic item (since 1978!) that everyone should have at least one in their purse or makeup table. The texture is creamy and glides easily on your lips. The color is pigmented and covers your lips beautifully. Kiss and Love lipsticks has lips emboss all over its bullet, making it so adorable yet sexy. The golden case also gets a little kiss mark on above the YSL symbol. 

I swatched all the lipsticks on my hand and then apply it to on my lips so you can see how the color works on a whole look. My favorite from all is the Le Rouge because it's YSL classic red and is just lovely for the celebration in this holiday season. 

Le Fucshia
Le Orange
Le Rouge
So, which one is your favorite? Remember that this is limited edition and you better hurry if you want to keep that kiss mark embossed lipstick before it is sold out. We beauty addicts know if you cannot stop thinking about it, you better buy it before it's gone gone gone hahaha

I put some other pictures too from the event here. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time that day to play more with the other makeups there or else, I could give you more swatches of the products and I might even got a makeover done by google glass too! Thank you YSL Indonesia for inviting me to the event. If you want to know more about YSL, please do check their social media below.

Instagram   : yslbeauteid
Twitter       : @YSL_ID
Facebook  :



Saturday, October 24, 2015

Review - Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact

Hello gorgeous! How are you today? As I promised before, today I’m going to review Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact. I have been using it several times, so hopefully I can give a thorough review about it.

As you remember, I chose Mademoiselle as my pin up and I still can’t stop adoring it. It is so pwweettttyyy.. Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is one handy make up product.

With the tag #cushiontogo, Blanc Expert Cushion Compact tried to assist women in their busy life by providing an easy breezy make up base. But don’t be fooled with its handiness, Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is packed up with numerous qualities. I took this from Lancome website:

The power of light: its formula is enriched with pine extract, known for its depigmenting properties. The complexion is left radiant, illuminated with transparent perfection.

The moisturising duo: the association of an emollient agent, ester oil, and glycerine improves skin’s water content, leaving it softer and smoother. 4-hour hydrating action for skin’s well-being and comfort*.

Visibly smoother skin: the polymer’s gel texture combines with the pigments’ coverage for a blur effect. Pores and surface imperfections are reduced, as though minimised. Skin texture is visibly more even.

Visibly younger skin: the formula is enriched with adenosine, known for its anti-wrinkle properties. Skin is left more luminous and smoother, as though rested.

Photo-protection: with SPF 23/PA++ to protect the complexion from UVA and UVB, to help prevent the formation of age spots and the signs of sun-related photo-ageing.

Quite impressive, yes? Now, let’s go to the real life review from my usage.

I know that most of cushion products usually only have two or three shades available. But Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact has seven shades to accommodate Asian skin colors, so do not worry that you cannot find your shade. My shade is O-01 which is warm undertone, leaning to yellow-ish undertone. The shade fits me perfectly.

As you can see, the liquid foundation is trapped there in that airy cushion that is able to keep the fluid fresh. Curious with the cushion, I touch it with my fingers (of course it’s washed before hehehe) and the cushion feels so soft, unlike the other cushion products that usually feels a bit bouncier. You should remember not to press too hard when you press the applicator to the cushion or you will get too much product on the applicator.

The coverage is light to medium as it beautifully evens out my skin tone but not really covers my dark spots and of course my under eye ring. It is great for daily makeup where you don’t want to wear heavy makeup. If you need more coverage, just dab your concealer here and there on the spots that you want to cover. Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact also gives you a dewy and glow look. I love dewy look, but to use it on myself, I just simply can’t. I mean, only using cushion compact without setting it with a powder somehow makes me feel uncomfortable because I will feel that it will melt out of my face right away or get transferred easily everywhere. So, I usually will still set the cushion compact with my loose powder but set it very lightly when I still want to keep that dewy look.

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact also delivers its promise on the moisturizing part. The cushion compact doesn’t dry my skin at all. My skin still feels plumped even after 4 hours of application. But here’s the catch, in my opinion, you need to use a primer before the cushion compact. At first, I tried applying the cushion without primer and to my disappointment, it oxidized and my makeup started to melt out after 4-5 hours. Then, I tried using it with primer and the makeup last longer while still holding my skin moisture. If you have dry skin, I supposed this is the perfect cushion for you with or without primer because it will help retaining your skin moisture level well. I found that the end results different depending on what kind of primer that I apply before hand, so try your own mix to find the perfect result on your skin. For me, so far the cushion compact works best with Ettusais UV Block Base or Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact has a light and fresh scent which adds a lovely ambiance when you apply it to your face. Lancome sells it separately between the cushion case and the cushion refill. So when you already run out of it, you just need to buy the cushion refill. The price tag is definitely higher than other cushion products out there but with the benefits that Lancome offers, it might be worth it. It has UV protection to although it is lower than other Korean cushion products, but SPF 23/PA++ supposedly enough if you spend most of your time indoor.

In conclusion, I would say that Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is a wonderful cushion compact due to its lightweight and moisturizing ability. If you are a big fan of cushion compact, you will want this baby sits on your vanity, especially if you still can get that pin up sticker from Ayang Cempaka. It totally amps up the loveliness of the cushion compact. It makes me want to touch up all the time and everywhere just to get that adoration from people around me ;)

You can also purchased Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact at Sephora Indonesia ( Who doesn't love Sephora? One access away to your beauty products

Thank you Lancome Indonesia for this beautiful gift. To find out more about Lancome Indonesia products, you could check their counter or their social media below:
Instagram : Lancomeid
Twitter : @lancomeid
Facebook :



Saturday, October 17, 2015

Swatches - Urban Decay Book of Shadows III New York Palette

Hello gorgeous!
It's weekend and how is your weekend so far? I don't go anywhere today and just spend my saturday cleaning up my drawers and room. Guess what I found? My precious item, Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III aka The New York Palette. I fell in love at first sight with this palette. It is so gorgeous! The colors are amazing and let's not forget the pop up  paper art of New York City. Major love here!!
It comes with two travel size 24/7 eyeliners, Zero and Ransom. And also a small size of Urban Decay Primer Potion. I had used all of them, so it will not be shown here.

I had this palette for quite a while but haven't got the chance to swatch them all. So here you are, for your eyes entertainment, the swatches of Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III - New York Palette.

They are fabulous aren't they? Do you have precious makeup palette that you cherish a lot? Please share with me. Have a great weekend, dear :)



Friday, October 16, 2015

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Age Care

Bifesta cleansing lotion is a facial cleanser from Japan. The first time I heard about it is from my dear friend, a makeup junkie just like me. She is Korean and she raves about this product as the best cleansing lotion that she ever had and that it is very famous in Japan and Korea.

You can find Bifesta in supermarkets that sell imported goods such as Food Hall or Grand Lucky.
It has 4 variants, Age Care, Sebum, Bright Up, and Moist. While I’m very interested to try Moist, but I could not find it anywhere here yet.
I chose Age Care mainly because well, I am 30 now and would prefer products that can help me fight the pace of aging :D

The cleansing lotion texture is liquid. If you ever tried micellar water such as Bioderma, you will know. If you haven't tried, it’s watery. The color of the lotion is milky, like when you dilute milk with a lot of water. There is a slight scent which I don't know what but it is not disturbing.

How to use? Prepare a cotton pad and pump out the product one time on the cotton pad. I made a beginner mistake by pumping it 3 times, afraid that I will not have enough products on the cotton pad. But I was wrong. Instead cleaning my face well, it made my face felt sticky. So, now I will just use one pump at a time.
Wipe your makeup with the cotton pad gently. When the cotton pad is dirty, change it with the new one. When I have full makeup (foundation, eye shadows, mascara, etc), I will usually spend 3 cotton pads (I use both sides) to get a clean face. 

For illustration, you can see how I cleanse my eye using Bifesta. That is how one swipe did to the makeup. It already removes most of the makeup. I'm using waterproof mascara (DiorShow mascara and it’s really tough to remove even with cleansing oil) and waterproof eyeliner. And the last picture is the end result of the cleansing process. The mascara was not fully removed but it’s still ok. The cleansing power is good; it can lift the makeup well without tugging your skin.

I have sensitive eyes and sometimes when I use eye makeup remover; it stings my eyes and will leave my eyeballs red. But Bifesta did not. My eyes are clean without any redness in my eyeballs.
The only downside is that Bifesta Cleansing Lotion leaves a little bit of sticky feeling on my skin even though I only use one pump at a time. I wonder is it because the one that I picked is the Age Care, so it tries to maintain your skin moisture by doing that. I noticed that if my makeup is not too heavy, it did not feel too sticky afterwards. But unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to try the other variants and I am not a fan of sticky face even just a little bit, especially when it comes to cleaning your face. So, I usually will splash water on my face after I cleanse my face with Bifesta Age Care or wash my face with facial wash again to make sure it did not leave any residue on my face. Thankfully, the cleansing lotion did not make my skin act out.

For me, a clean face is a must before going to bed. Better if you can slap on some night skincare on too. But cleansing your face only with cleansing water or lotion is not an option for me because somehow I feel that it did not really thoroughly cleanse my face. But for some people, cleansing water or lotion is their go to products when they don’t have time to double cleanse, especially when they have a long day and just want to crash the bed immediately. So, try to find the cleansing water or lotion that can deliver that level of cleanliness that you want. Nowadays, I usually use Bifesta Age Care to wipe my makeup off before I exercise or damp a cotton bud to erase my mistakes when I’m doing my makeup.

Will I repurchase Bifesta? Maybe not because I still want to venture on some other cleansing water or lotion and find which one fits me more. What is your favorite cleansing water or lotion? Please share with me.