Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beauty Haul - Singapore Holiday

Hello gorgeous!

Today I would like to share my quite extensive haul in Singapore on March. Yep, last March I went to Singapore for a short getaway with my family. I will share my holiday story later on a separate post (still trying to find the time to complete the story now, please bear with me).

Which one of you who is always excited when you go to Singapore? I know I am! Why? The reason is none other than the arrays of cosmetic brands that they have there. Oh how I wish I have unlimited source of money to splurge on all of those pretty things hahaha.. 

I bought these items at Sephora, Watsons, Lush, and Shilla Duty Free. 
Who doesn't love Sephora? It is like my wonderful wonderland! Had so much fun playing there hahaha.. I was able to check out the brands such as Fresh Beauty, Urban Decay, NARS, and Moonshot, which are not available in Indonesia. It was really exciting to finally be able to actually see and touch those products in real life instead of just drooling over it on Instagram. It sucks when you shop online, the item looking all good in the picture, you also already checked the swatches twice, but then you still receive a wrong shade or not satisfied enough with the texture and all. So, I’m happy that I got to swatch the colour of the products such as lipsticks, blushes, and foundations. I made quite an extensive wish list afterwards, so next time if I wanted to buy something via online shop, I‘m able to order it without having to guess which shades that fits me. 

Clio Kill Black Pen Liner

Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Brick Brown

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in Histoire

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara Travel Size (this is a bonus that I got from buying a gift for a friend at Sephora)

Ettusais Herbal Jelly UV SPF 50+ PA+++++

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Deluxe Size

Lush Cosmetics Angels On Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser

Lush Cosmetics Aromaco Deodorant

Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 Eyebrow Pencil in Seal Brown

Chloe Perfume Set Travel Size consist of four Chloe perfumes

I always love visiting Lush Cosmetics counter anywhere in the world because of its distinctive scent that you could sniff from meters away. I actually found the shop at Orchard Gateway by using my nose to sniff the scent inside the mall and followed my smelling sense hahaha.. I was too stingy to splurge on their bar soaps and the bathbombs (I don’t own a bathtub anyway) and only bought Angels On Bare Skin and Aromaco Deodorant. I tried Angels before and I adore the scent and how it able to gently exfoliate my face. I usually use T’eo deodorant from Lush before and decided to change it for once, and picked Aromaco instead. 

I saw an Instagram post on Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo and hooked with the sleek design and colours, and I knew I need to have at least one of it in my vanity. So, while I was buying my friend’s order at Tangs, I picked one for myself.

At Changi, I browsed around Shilla Duty Free admiring the Armani foundation but kinda cringed when I saw the price hahaha.. instead I bought Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil for my stock (it’s my HG eyebrow pencil since many years ago). I also picked up Benefit Porefessional too because I tried the mini size before and I love that primer. I was going to buy the full size but then remembered that I still have other primers back at home, so deluxe size it is. I also heard good things about Innisfree No Sebum Powder, and looking at its cute mint packaging, I could not say no to it. The last item that went into my shopping cart is one of my favorite perfume, Chloe. I love the scent especially Roses de Chloe (I had the mini size and I’m almost running out of it!), so after a long going back and forth at the perfume aisle, I surrender to my impulsive buying sense and bought them *big grin* You will always get a good deal for perfume in airports anyway, right? *self defense mode on*

I heard that Clio has one of the best eyeliner that is smudgeproof and waterproof, so I snatched both colours of the pen liner and the pencil eyeliner from gelpresso series. It was last minute haul from Watsons at Changi. 

So that’s all folks.. I wish I have more time to spend there (and money hahaha). Please stay tune on my blog for the review of some of the items. 
What is your favorite haul everytime you go to Singapore? I also like to go to Watsons and Guardian there, exploring the drugstore products. Please share your thoughts on it below.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review - Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence

Hello gorgeous! 
I’m back today with an update on Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence. I had used it for one week and let’s dig in on how this Super Essence works on me.

Let’s talk about the packaging and the texture first. The packaging is in small tube dominated with white and yellow colors (Garnier White Speed color). The tube has a screw top instead of pop cap. The serum texture is quite runny, so please be careful when you opened the cap. I usually will open it with the mouth of the tube facing up, that way the serum will not spill out easily. The serum color is like diluted milk, almost transparent color. 

Due to the light and runny texture, you don’t need a lot of it to apply to your face and neck. I like how the serum is light and absorbed quite easily on the skin. The scent is refreshing with a little bit of lemon scent. No need to worry because the scent will fade away quickly. I apply it evenly to my face and neck twice a day before my moisturizer. 

During my usage of Garnier White Speed Super Essence, I felt that my skin started to feel really dry starting on the fourth day. My So, I added SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C before applying Super Essence. I also opted my creamier and high hydration moisturizer to seal everything up. My skin felt better, but until day 7, my skin still felt dry and started to look a bit dull because of it. 

My utmost skin problem is my skin pigmentation aka spots all over my face. I tried many spot controlling products but to no avail, the spots are still there *cry* even though they claimed to make the spots disappear or fade away. Well, guess what? Not even close to fading away. Garnier White Speed Super Essence is no exception, also failing on controlling my spots. But, I did notice that my acne scars disappeared rather quickly than usual and leave my skin smooth again. As for the brightening effect, I could not say much because my skin is already on the fair side, so there are not much difference between before and after.

So that’s my take on Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence. I also inserted an image of Garnier Light Complete White Speed guidance in applying the skincare products to get that bright and lovely complexion. Hope this review will help you and have a lovely day, gorgeous people!


PS: The product is sponsored by Garnier Indonesia for review purposes but rest assured that all reviews in my blog are based on my personal experienced despite being sponsored or bought personally. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Unboxing - Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence

Hello gorgeous!

Last month, I got a big white box with a yellow ribbon from Garnier Indonesia. Apparently it’s a hamper filled with Garnier Light Complete White Speed products. Garnier is going to launch their newest whitening serum called Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence, a concentrated anti-spot whitening serum. Curious of what’s inside the box? Let’s find out together!

The box is from sturdy cardboard and you have to open it like opening a drawer. My box got a little dent on the top due to the shipment, hiks.. so pardon the little flaw on the picture. When I opened it, I could smell a soft scent of lemon from the box. The lemon scent coming from a small yellow lemon candle, so cute! Inside the box, I found 4 products, all from Light Complete White Speed Series. 

The brightening scrub, serum cream, and the super essence (they send me 2 boxes). I have reviewed Garnier White Speed Brightening Scrub and Serum Cream on my blog last year.

And now Garnier has the newest addition to the family which is the Super Essence, a concentrated anti-spot whitening serum. This serum claims to help reduce the skin darkening from melanin just within 6 days. Sounds awesome, yes? And a perfect timing too since the sun has been scorching hot lately. I hope that this serum will come to the rescue for discoloration and uneven skin tone. 

I’m going to try on this new serum for 6 days and will update you with the result next week. See, I told you that this is going to be a short post. Wish me luck and stay tune on my blog for the updates!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Review - Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer Maraccas

Hello gorgeous!

Sudah bulan April nih, musim hujan sudah mulai berkurang dan kita sudah menuju ke musim kemarau sepertinya. Siapa di sini penggemar lipstick matte? Pasti banyak ya? Nah, hari ini aku mau sharing tentang satu lipstick matte yang kemasannya lucu banget, yaitu Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer.

Jadi, bibir aku ini kan gampang kering dan pecah-pecah, selain itu juga garis-garis halus di bibir terlihat jelas sekali kalau pakai matte lipstick. Makanya aku agak telat nih ikut demam lipstick matte, karena masih ragu-ragu apakah matte lipstick akan terlihat oke di bibir aku. Tapi ga tahan juga lihat segitu banyaknya lipstick matte yang bertebaran di mana-mana, jadilah aku mulai browsing-browsing lipstick matte mana ya yang aku ingin coba. Awalnya, aku tertarik banget sama merek Girlactik. Warna-warnanya cantik dan banyak yang bilang kalau lipstick ini tidak membuat bibir jadi kering. And then, come along Polka. Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer ini merek lokal lho. Begitu Polka diluncurkan, banyak sekali review-review yang bilang kalau lipstick ini bagus. Aku masih maju mundur untuk beli lipstick ini, sampai akhirnya di Sociolla Beauty Box Maret kemarin aku dapat satu lipstick Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer in Maraccas! What a coincidence! Kesampean juga deh mau cobain Polka, dan shade nya yang aku incar juga, yaitu Maraccas hehehe.. Yuk baca reviewnya di bawah ini.

Kita mulai dari kemasan. Kemasannya terbuat dari karton dan warna warni, pink, hijau, biru. Festive sekali lah pokoknya. Ada logo polka berwarna dasar hitam dengan tulisan putih. Kemasannya lucu banget, so colourful and cheerful. Berlawanan dengan kemasan kartonnya, lipstick nya ada di dalam tube akrilik bening dengan tutup berwarna hitam dengan tulisan Polka berwarna hitam di badan tabungnya, sangat simpel.

Tekstur lipsticknya cair, tidak kental seperti lipgloss ataupun moussey. Teksturnya juga terasa ringan di bibir. Aplikatornya ramping dan menurutku memudahkan pengaplikasian agar lebih rapi. Untuk warnanya, Maraccas ini best seller dari Polka lho. Warnanya termasuk nude dusty rose dan kalau untuk aku, jatuhnya cocok banget untuk jadi lipstick yang bisa digunakan sehari-hari. Cara pakainya diulaskan saja ke bibir secara merata, lalu diamkan beberapa saat. Lipstick akan mengering dengan sendirinya dan akan terlihat matte. Kalau kamu merasa warnanya kurang keluar, aplikasikan lipstick sekali lagi. Aku secara pribadi merasa cukup dengan satu kali aplikasi karena warnanya cukup nyata di bibir. Aku juga mencoba teknik aplikasi lain yang menjadi cara favorit aku untuk mendapatkan hasil akhir yang lebih natural, yaitu dengan memulaskan lipstick di bagian dalam bibir (atas dan bawah) , lalu aku ratakan lipstick ke seluruh bagian bibir dengan cara menepuk-nepuknya dengan menggunakan jari manis. Hasil akhirnya lebih natural namun tetap mendapatkan kesan matte. Cara ini bisa kamu coba jika kamu merasa warna lipsticknya terlalu pekat atau nyata. Dengan aplikasi seperti itu juga membantu meminimalkan tampilan garis-garis berlebih di bibirku. 

Polka Lip Lacquer ini lumayan bertahan lama di bibir aku, apalagi kalau tidak dipakai makan makanan yang terlalu banyak minyak. Lumayan lah 6-7 jam tidak perlu touch up. Lipsticknya nempel atau tidak ke peralatan makan? Jawabannya iya, masih transfer warna tapi minimal. Kalau ke kulit, lebih minimal lagi transfernya, karena aku sendiri masih suka curi-curi cium anakku waktu pakai lipstick ini, tapi lipsticknya tidak nempel di kulit anakku (he keeps on checking it on the mirror, though) hehehe..

Karena ini pengalaman pertama aku pakai lipstick matte, aku sempat bingung bagaimana cara menghapus lipstick seperti ini. Diusap tissue saja tidak cukup, pakai cleansing water seperti Bioderma juga tidak hilang. Waduh bagaimana ya? Nah, ternyata untuk membersihkannya secara tuntas, kamu harus menggunakan pembersih makeup berbasis oil atau minyak. Bisa menggunakan cleansing oil atau minyak zaitun atau kelapa. O iya, Polka juga tidak membuat bibirku kering dan pecah-pecah, jadi it’s another plus point untuk Polka.

Secara keseluruhan pengalaman lipstick matte aku yang pertama kali menyenangkan. Lipstick matte tidak semenyeramkan yang aku pikir and it also could look nice on me. I’m glad that I gave it a try. Semoga review aku bisa membantu kamu dalam memilih lipstick matte ya. 

Sekarang aku jadi pengen coba lipstick matte lagi nih. What’s next? What’s your favorite matte lipstick? Please recommend your favorite matte lipstick down below on the comment box, ok?

Have a good week, gorgeous!! Keep smilin’ and hustlin’ *smooches*