Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review - Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence

Hello gorgeous! 
I’m back today with an update on Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence. I had used it for one week and let’s dig in on how this Super Essence works on me.

Let’s talk about the packaging and the texture first. The packaging is in small tube dominated with white and yellow colors (Garnier White Speed color). The tube has a screw top instead of pop cap. The serum texture is quite runny, so please be careful when you opened the cap. I usually will open it with the mouth of the tube facing up, that way the serum will not spill out easily. The serum color is like diluted milk, almost transparent color. 

Due to the light and runny texture, you don’t need a lot of it to apply to your face and neck. I like how the serum is light and absorbed quite easily on the skin. The scent is refreshing with a little bit of lemon scent. No need to worry because the scent will fade away quickly. I apply it evenly to my face and neck twice a day before my moisturizer. 

During my usage of Garnier White Speed Super Essence, I felt that my skin started to feel really dry starting on the fourth day. My So, I added SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C before applying Super Essence. I also opted my creamier and high hydration moisturizer to seal everything up. My skin felt better, but until day 7, my skin still felt dry and started to look a bit dull because of it. 

My utmost skin problem is my skin pigmentation aka spots all over my face. I tried many spot controlling products but to no avail, the spots are still there *cry* even though they claimed to make the spots disappear or fade away. Well, guess what? Not even close to fading away. Garnier White Speed Super Essence is no exception, also failing on controlling my spots. But, I did notice that my acne scars disappeared rather quickly than usual and leave my skin smooth again. As for the brightening effect, I could not say much because my skin is already on the fair side, so there are not much difference between before and after.

So that’s my take on Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence. I also inserted an image of Garnier Light Complete White Speed guidance in applying the skincare products to get that bright and lovely complexion. Hope this review will help you and have a lovely day, gorgeous people!


PS: The product is sponsored by Garnier Indonesia for review purposes but rest assured that all reviews in my blog are based on my personal experienced despite being sponsored or bought personally. 

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